18eighteen January 2005

You kissed a girl? Does that mean you’re lez?
“No, I’m not. Really! It’s just that things kind of got a little crazy, and that’s when I did it. What happened was, I started hanging out with this one girl Morgan from my class. She’s real pretty and real nice, and we had a lotta fun hanging out at the mall together and shopping and things like that. But I started to get the feeling that she liked me more than as just a friend, and my new boyfriend, Jason, told me he thought the same thing. ‘That friend of yours Morgan is a lezzie, and she wants to get in your pants,’ he told me. Boy, was he right!”

So, how is it that you and this girl happened to kiss?
“Well, one night, Morgan came over to my house when I was home alone. Big mistake! We were sitting in the family room watching TV and talking, and she kept sliding over on the couch closer and closer to me. All of a sudden, she leaned over and started kissing me! And even though I thought she might be lez, it still surprised me when she did that!”

But how did your boyfriend catch you two kissing?
“He was standing outside the big glass patio door and saw it happening, that’s how! See, he knew the rest of my family wasn’t home, and when he drove over to see me he saw Morgan’s car in our driveway. Instead of going to the front door and ringing the bell, he walked around to the back of the house and was gonna knock on the patio door, right when Morgan kissed me! I told him after that I’m not lez and that she’s the one who came on to me, but he’s not really believing me ’cause he said it looked like I was enjoying it a lot!”

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