18eighteen February 2004

Most girls start playing with themselves at a younger age. How come you started so late?
“I guess I was kind of afraid to do it, that’s why. My parents are real strict and conservative, and my mom started preachin’ to me when I was a lot younger about what ‘good girls’ do and don’t do, and she said they don’t play with their own slits.” So, good girls don’t play with their pussies and make themselves cum, right?”Well, that’s what I thought for a real long time, but I finally couldn’t stand it anymore ’cause I was feeling more and more horny every day. I waited to try it till both my parents were gone, and then I locked myself in the bathroom and did it. First, I just kind of rubbed around the outside of my slit, and even that felt good. But then I did way more.”

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